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“When I started at The Power Pilates at age 64, two years of physical inactivity as a result of illness had left me so weak and with such pervasive joint pains that simple activities such as walking, putting on a jacket, or getting up from a chair, were difficult for me to do without help. Consistent sessions at The Power of Pilates over time, helped me regain my strength and balance so I am more physically competent and confident. The teachers are talented, professional, and compassionate. They sense exactly how to challenge, while adjusting routines to whatever limitations I have at any given time. The workouts are varied, well-paced, and thorough. I leave each session feeling better than when I started. The Power of Pilates is now an indispensable part of my life!” —Bill Barton

“I am more flexible than I’ve been since I was 12, and my chronic neck pain has subsided. That is the Power of Pilates! Mike Donahue
“My Power of Pilates experience has been extraordinary. The individualized instruction is informative and encouraging. The teachers make accommodations for my health concerns and I feel stronger, more balanced and less limited in my daily activities. I look forward to my sessions, even after several years!” —Leah Ward
“I started at The Power of Pilates several years ago, because I was having trouble with my stability and endurance. The experience was great. My whole body changed. I feel better than I have in years. I am now 84 and it’s challenging but really fun. The teachers have a knack of knowing how to change you a little at a time.” —Mary Breitenbeck
“When I began at The Power of Pilates, I was in a very low point in my life. Pilates as taught by the very caring instructors, has made a genuine change in my life. It helped me so much, that I encouraged my daughter, who has undergone three back surgeries, to attend. She is very encouraged by the improvements to her back and general feeling of well-being. I think I forgot to mention that is is a lot of fun!” —Nancy Broyles
“Pilates has gotten my body back into shape faster than aerobics and weight-lifting. It has been a very graceful way to get fit. I love it!!” —Christine Cantwell
“Since participating in Pilates, I have increased energy and stamina levels. I actually feel younger and more mentally alert. I am grateful to learn about my body through Pilates. —Rita Reese
“Pilates exercises have helped my posture and overall strength, but it is the particular care and individualized tailored program which distinguishes The Power of Pilates. I was reasonably fit for my age when I started but troubled with old injuries and needed something beyond walking. In little more than a year, those weak areas are significantly stronger and my body feels better balanced. The teacher’s have an endless variety of exercises, so each session is different and interesting. Strength, balance, and flexibility are all given attention. I admire the teacher’s commitment to their own training and keeping up with the latest research in health and exercise issues.” —Miriam Geib
“I LOVE my Pilates sessions. Every single minute you are working. Definitely the BEST!! I feel stronger each week. It is the only exercise that I look forward to and the instructors really challenge me in a good way.” —Nancy Dinwiddie
“I used to advise cyclists to think of their “whole leg’ when climbing a hill. Pilates has taught me to start with your core and use your whole body. Much more powerful. I love the concept of awakening those intrinsic muscles. You engage a whole village of power rather than a few stalwarts. I feel strong. I stand taller and walk with confidence. I love the training!” —David Stahl


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