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Raginae LaughlinAbout the Instructor

Raginae Laughlin

In many ways, Pilates has truly saved my life! After suffering for years with chronic back pain and latter fibromyalgia, I soon discovered that the medications, steroids, and frequent trips to the chiropractor were merely masking the problem. After a great deal of research, all roads seemed to lead to Pilates. After a several months of Pilates training, my back pain had disappeared, and I finally had the physique that I was striving for my entire life. I was so moved by the experience, that I decided to become a Pilates instructor. Now I have certifications from well respected educators like Balanced Body, IMX, and PHI Pilates. I have built a business of helping individuals achieve functional strength from the inside out without pain. This translates to better quality of life. I strive to keep the workouts diverse, challenging, and tailored to the individual. No two workouts are alike! I continually invest in equipment and education to keep the workouts fresh and your muscles guessing. 


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